Bruce Elnick Coaches the Babylon Warriors

Bruce Elnick Coaches the Babylon Warriors

All Soccer Training has created a curriculum for team technical and tactical skills as the players continue to progress through each division in their league. We work with each coach to understand the team’s greatest weaknesses, and concentrate on that. However, this is not  the only thing that we will work on, we continue to work heavily on the basic team skills.

One of our key features that set us apart from most other training companies is that we do not have set packages that coaches and teams need to pick and choose. Instead, everything is customized. We work like an a la carte service, without the a la carte prices many are used to.

We offer things to the team such as:

  1. Individual Ball Skill
  2. Team Ball Skills
  3. Team Tactics
  4. Set Pieces
  5. Mini Ball Practices
  6. Endurance and Agility Training
  7. and more!

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What Clients Say

  • My weekly training with All Soccer Training consistently enhances my skills to enable me to play at a higher level.

    Andrew Puco, Player (Hofstra University U21)

  • AST Soccer players are not randomly run through drills but each player's talent and skill level is assessed and sessions are customized to areas most needed by the player.

    Larry Zarou, Parent (Personal Training 2005)