coachwithballThis program is a very unique program and we are the only soccer training organization currently offering it in the Long Island area. Why is it so unique?

This program focuses on the coach rather than the player!

Why care about the coach?

Well, the coach is a huge part of the soccer game. Sure, the coach can’t score the goals or steal the ball, but the coach prepares the players to do these things and helps to make tactical decisions on how to set the players up on the field, when and who to substitute, and how to train the players during practice in order to succeed in the games, throughout the season, and in life!



Most coaches of young players are just parents of a player on the team. This can cause a problem because most parents actually know very little about coaching. This is why you tend to see screaming parents and coaches on the sideline. So what will we do to help you as the coach?

  1. Review different tactical formations for the team
  2. Review a standard practice curriculum
  3. Review some specific practice methods and drills
  4. and more!


This will help you and your team to get motivated and moving in the right direction!

Coaches need help too! What are you waiting for?

Contact us!