What can we do for you?

Personal Training Personal Training

Well-developed curriculum custom designed for each player.

Team Training Team Training

Develop technical and tactic skills as a team that you can use during the game.

Camps Camps

Learn soccer, have fun, play games, win contests...We have it all!

What can we <span>do</span> for you?
Soccer Shop Soccer Shop

Great kits and gear for fun and for training can be found in our opening soon shop!

Email Follow Ups Email Follow Ups

We like to check in when we aren't training with you to ensure you are practicing and improving

Learn the Rules Learn the Rules

We help you learn all the rules from the simple to the complex!

What Clients Say

  • My family enjoyed the coaches challenges and the variety of games used for instruction. Many thanks for always being encouraging, happy and nice to the children!

    Eileen Gannon - Parent (Soccer Camp 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)

  • All Soccer Training has done a great job with our Intramural Program, Tiny Tots Program and Travel Team Training. Great Job and Great Experience.

    Ken Pilla, Club President Glen Cove Jr. Soccer Club

  • I'm honored to be part of All Soccer Training's staff as they have given me coaching opportunities I can make the most of.

    Joe Behan, Head Coach NYU Mens Soccer, Head Coach All Soccer Training

  • My weekly training with All Soccer Training consistently enhances my skills to enable me to play at a higher level.

    Andrew Puco, Player (Hofstra University U21)

  • AST Soccer players are not randomly run through drills but each player's talent and skill level is assessed and sessions are customized to areas most needed by the player.

    Larry Zarou, Parent (Personal Training 2005)

  • What an excellent experience! My boys loved the individual attention and their skills truly improved. The coaches were very encouraging and fun to work with. We are looking forward to future camps with All Soccer Training!

    Martha Ratner, Parent (Mineola Soccer Camp 2005, 2006)

  • My players learned so much in a week with our team mini camp. With the help of All Soccer Training our team is more prepared than they have ever been for a Season.

    Al Belbol, Coach (South Merrick United 2006)

  • It's more than a business, All Soccer Training is interested in the total soccer player and tries to maximize skill level and intensity of each players performance.

    Nancy Matura, Head Coach (Port Jefferson High School)

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Why AST Soccer?

We are a 2nd generation family run organization growing in the same soccer community we grew up in.

After you train with us, you will quickly see that our knowledge of the game and customer service set us apart from all the "big" companies.

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